Providing naturally,
affordable housing

The Story

Key workers in the cities of Charleston and North Charleston, SC are the lifeblood of our metropolitan area. People are often priced out of homes within a short drive of their workplace, and instead, spend hours each day commuting. It's not a surprise to know that there is a severe shortage of high quality, centrally located, energy efficient housing. Until now.

Union Heights Residential - part of an award winning Charleston-based development team with decades of experience - is offering naturally affordable, non-subsidized ownership housing, with monthly "all-in" house payments similar or equal to lesser rental alternatives.


The Location

Located in the Union Heights neighborhood in North Charleston, right over the border from Charleston's Upper Peninsula, just off I-26 and Spruill Avenue.

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  • 3.5 miles south of Park Circle in North Charleston
  • 1.6 miles north of the Technology District in Downtown Charleston
  • 2 miles from Charleston Naval Complex and the new deep-water port extension
  • On the route of the planned route for the Bus Rapid Transit service.

The Benefits

The Union Heights Residential project was born from asking these 3 simple questions:

Do you Work in Charleston Metro?

Do you have to drive miles to afford a decent home, unable to reach typical home prices on the Charleston peninsula?

Do you want to own your home locally at an affordable price?

Is This Right For You?

  • For individual buyers or any family with a gross household income from high $30K's and upwards, with reasonable credit.
  • Those seeking home ownership who want to live in high quality, fully warrantied new homes with a total monthly cost comparable to rental rates in the local area (5-mile radius).

The Plans

Brand new, energy efficient single-family homes

Model A - 2 bedroom/2.5 bath single family home with modern appliances, fitted kitchen, front porch, “move-in ready" at 938 square feet.

All homes include off-street parking.

Model B - 3 bedroom/2.5 bath single family home with modern appliances, fitted kitchen, front porch, “move-in ready" at 1,040 square feet

All homes include off-street parking.

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When Will they be Ready?

Phase 1


Phase 2

Under construction, release EARLY FALL 2021.

Phase 3

In Planning.

Phase 4

To follow.

Phase 5

To follow.

How do I proceed from here?

Our internal team can send you information and arrange a socially distanced viewing at a time of convenience. Send in an on-line inquiry or call.

Contracts to Purchase will be accepted as production nears completion of each phase.

General criteria will include:

  • You will be an owner-occupier with this intended to be your primary residence.
  • Reasonable (but not perfect) credit is needed, based upon individual bank requirements, but typically at above 620 FICO score range (with some exceptions), and be pre-qualified from your lending institution.
  • Three very credible, local mortgage providers have partnered with us in this project. They understand the location and product and will be happy to help you. You are of course, free to approach other institutions.

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